LIKE It? Push the new HTC ChaCha SmartPhone

What is an HTC ChaCha?

This is how a lot of people describes this exciting new phone from HTC: “It has the body of a blackberry – and the brain of an android.” :)  But what makes it really really exciting is its built-in Facebook button.

Pushing the button takes you to Facebook instantly.  Post pictures, videos, music info and status updates straight away whenever something amazing happens.  Like it.  Push it.

HTC ChaCha also has the awesome Facebook chat widget which allows you to group friends and see who’s online and chat.

HTC is also loaded with HTC sense ideas that makes it more intuitive and competitive with all the other brands.

Mr. Sherman Lai, who gave a workshop on HTC ChaCha last September 14 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel has been really modest about explaining how the ChaCha with its Facebook Integration differs from other smart phones.

My personal review: Although the screen is relatively small, the phones features and style is definitely much, much bigger.  I really love the Facebook button and HTC Sense.

After the workshop, HTC Philippines announced that they’ll be launching on September 15 two HTC showrooms – one located in Glorieta, Makati and the other one in Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

A contest was also launched for the most creative on-spot picture taken during the showroom opening – I did not join the contest but here are my favorite entries:

Here's Alwin Aguirre of The City Roamer

Here's Orlee Pasion of The Adventures of Don Juan Quixote

Here's Marjorie Pineda of Living Marjorney

For more information about HTC ChaCha please log in to or like them on Facebook HTC Philippine.

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  1. thanks for sharing our pics Rain! hopefully, one of us will win the HTC ChaCha. I’m eagerly anticipating the announcement

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