Last Sunday, Autonomous Robotic Organisms invaded the midtown grounds of the Robinson’s Place Ermita.

In the occasion of the screening of the new Transformers Movie, sub-titled as “Dark of the Moon” which will open on June 29, a bunch of Autobot and Decepticon mascots roamed around the mall and mingled with the mall crowd.

I brought Neo and Sky to the event after attending the General Assembly of CYO Unit 26, because I know that they will both love to see and have their pictures taken with some of the Transformers Mascots.

with the original Gen 1 Bumble Bee (Volkswagon)

if i’m correct, this mascot must be the Sentinel Prime

optimus prime
iron hide

Aside from the picture-taking opportunity with the Mascots.  All types of transformers toys were displayed and some even at half-the-price discount, specially those that were from the 1st and 2nd movie theme.  You can buy authentic transformers toys for as low as 300 pesos.

There are Transformers toys based on original Movie and TV characters.  Transformers shirts and Transformers Playdoh set and this…

the biggest optimus prime toy

I remember wanting an Optimus Prime toy when I was a kid.  But my first Transformer Toy was ‘Blur’ – the blue Cybertronian fast talking car and ‘Cup’ – the oldest Cybertronian vehicle.

This was the 2nd Transformers promotional exhibit that i’ve been too.  The first one was at SM Makati about a month ago.

TRANSFORMERS 3 DARK OF THE MOON IS SHOWING JUNE 29 – can’t wait to see Sam’s new leading lady..

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