The SM Mall of Asia

What defines the biggest mall in the Philippines nowadays.

We recently went to MOA and were surprised by the many changes that they’ve done to the place to welcome the holiday season.

Inside the mall was a most elaborate display of Christmas (LED) lights that I have ever seen (and most expensive I’d bet).

The designs were not surprising but the type of community of patrons and culture that the mall created inside the reclaimed Manila Bay area is very much impressive feat.  A mixture of all classes in one place.  Tastes , elegance and practicality all meshed up in a magnificent setting that is really one of its kind.

Here are some of the things you’ll definitely see when you visit the place this holiday season.

The left and right-wing alley of the mall have been like a giant runway for all sorts of pets (mostly dogs).  You’ll see a host of different breeds, dressed and prepped to strut their stuff.

At the heart of the mall near Toy Kingdom, you’ll find a giant toy house and Christmas tree.  Here, families and group of friends gather around to have their pictures taken.

Near the Toy House there’s also a Lego Christmas Village Exhibit.  There are two villages that enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Aside from the holiday inspired designs in the mall, you’ll also find that there are a lot of different rides and activities for the families in the bay area already.  There’s that big water ball ride, a carousel, bungee jump and bump cars.  The latest ride is a two-wheeled scooter type ride (I’m not familiar with what it’s called but it’s the same as the one used by security officers in malls in other countries).  Well, they’re renting it out for 10 pesos a minute – I said I’d rather walk. 🙂

After the rides or a stroll around the bay area you can also grab a quick snack without going back to the mall.  There are a lot of food carts along the  stretch of the bay.

A little advise, as much as possible don’t spend Christmas Day at the Mall of Asia because last year, when we did that, we were not able to find a place to eat, actually we were not able to go around at all because the place was packed.  Lesson learned. 🙂


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