4 Winner Ad Concepts from McDonalds


I have always been a fan of McDonalds store designs and advertising concepts.  Here in the Philippines we see stores shaped like a giant french fries or a giant mcsoftdrink.  Large and tall mcdonald arch logo that really catches your attention and also 24 hour signs that wakes you up.

Here are some great concepts from mcdonalds found in some part of the world.

First up, the McCoffee poll tell me that if you’ve seen one that you wouldn’t be tempted to look up.

McFries Column

Here’s a newspaper ad that’ll surely remind you to grab some fries.

Mc Salad

Want some fresh leaves.  Here’s a street ad that’ll tell you how fresh the salads are at McDonalds.

Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds

No explanation needed. :)

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