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Manila Bay Walk (Dusk)

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After more than a month of “Bussiness,” I was able to do one of my favorite thing in the world again!

Jogging in the late afternoon at the Bay Area Manila.

With nothing to do but laze around all day and wait for call inquiries for the resort I’m marketing, actually my cellular’s been ringing since early morning and then by 3pm, by golly – it stopped! And I was FREEEEEE. Well, not for a very long time because as I was brisk walking going to the Bay Area, the phone started ringing again.  BUMMER.

Here’s my jogging Routine: (No riding anything- Just Brisk Walking till I get to the Bay Area and then do a few jogging lap at the stretch of Bay Walk before I head back home)

From Pandacan Manila, I take the Malacanang-Nagtahan Route to Otis (UN Extension) then depending on my mood – I either take the Paco Paz way to Pedro Gil or just go straight taking UN Avenue to get to RoxasBlvd and finally the Bay Area.

I then jog from Pedro Gil (after the statue of the two men sight-seeing at the bay) until I reach the statue of the sailor with the wheel (right before the Manila Yacht Club) then back.

I took some shots while I was there. I was hoping to see the sun set but it has been a very cloudy day and got nothing but its rays.

Here you’ll see the Bay’s breakwater stretch. This used to be a very polluted site back in the 90′s when we were doing annual clean-ups as part of our civic activities in CYO and as a member of the world-wide Clean-up the World campaign. We usually do our clean-ups in September.

This used to be a very crowded and fun place during the time of Manila Mayor Lito Atienza. The Bay walk was recognized then as a tourist night spot. The whole stretch are filled with bars, restaurants and there are music and bands and a lot of people from all over Mega Manila flocks there during weekends. The down side is that Roxas Blvd. became too congested specially at night and traffic was the worst.

When Manila Mayor Lim came to office, one of his first decree was to remove all the bars in the bay area – so the place was transformed once again into its serene and peaceful self.

If you miss the old bay walk, just go to the bay area at the back of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. That’s where the fun is at. But if you want some peace, a quiet time, a place to think and just talk, jog, the new bay area manila is the place for you.

When you’re done sight-seeing at the beautiful Manila Bay Walk you can always go to Rajah Sulayman Park, San Andres.  Malate Church (Our Lady of Remedies) is there and a number of wonderful restaurants like Max’s, Shakeys‘ Cowboy Grill, the Aristocrat, Brothers Burger and many others.

Or, just go to Robinsons Place Ermita Manila.

Time to go home. But not without a take home of my favorite Siomai at Siomai House.

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